Finding the Right Barn for You and Your New Horse

Finding the Right Barn for You and Your New Horse

| Uncategorized | September 11, 2014

The Spanish Riding School

Not all of us can keep our horses here 🙂

Horse shopping is an exciting endeavor, but if you’re not already at the barn of your dreams you’ll need to shop around for a home for your new friend. Selecting the right environment for yourself and your horse’s needs can alleviate a lot of stress and make your time with your horse that much more enjoyable.

Start by making a list of amenities you would like. Do you need access to trails, an indoor arena, or a cross-country course? This is where your monthly budget will come into play. We would all love to pay $100/month to live at the Spanish Riding School–but let’s face it–that isn’t very realistic. If budget is a concern, many barn managers are open to boarders working off some of their monthly costs. Some barns may offer a pasture board option where a horse lives outdoors in a fenced pasture 24/7. This is typically a less expensive option and might be a good choice for horses that are stall sour or crib.

Drama-free-601x264The social scene at a barn can have an enormous impact on your time with your horse. Try to assess the management style when meeting with staff. Ask about the average length of time a client stays at the facility or for references. See if the barn manager will allow you to walk around on your own for a few minutes. You might be able to get a sense for how people interact with each other without supervision. Will you be showing every weekend or are you interested in weekend trail rides with some friends? Look for a barn that matches you and your riding interests.

The most important question to ask yourself is: will I feel comfortable leaving my horse here? You’ll need to know if the staff will be able to recognize a serious issue and resolve it. Are the facilities safe for your horse? Don’t feel bad about passing up or moving on from a barn. The right facility for you is out there!

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