Horse shopping: what do you look for in a horse?

Horse shopping: what do you look for in a horse?

| horse shopping | May 10, 2014

“When I am thinking of buying or leasing a horse the most important quality I look for is a good mind. I want my horse to be quiet, calm, willing to please, friendly and like their job. Horse riding/showing is my hobby so I want to relax and enjoy being around and working with my horse.


On that same note I’m going to avoid horses that are nervous, spooky, need a lot of lunging to settle down before being ridden, or are aggressive. I’ve had these types of horses before and don’t feel the frustration or extra risk of getting hurt is worth it when there are a lot of great minded horses available.”

About Sandhya

542466_10101880169756553_1289720967_nTrue to her British heritage, Sandhya Johnson has been riding, training, and showing horses for 25 years. She is currently an amateur Western all-around rider and has shown up to A circuit hunters. She’s broken and sold a few Paint horses and has owned Thoroughbreds and Appaloosas. She lives in Michigan with her husband, 2-year-old son, Dylan, 2 cats and 2 dogs.

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